Two more rock stars

We are very excited to announce the addition of two more rock stars, who happen to be senior bloggers, to the Des Moines is NOT Boring team. Both of the new additions bring blogging experience from their own blogs and allow us the opportunity to dig deeper into the Des Moines community.

The additions joined our first DMINB author gathering this past Tuesday at the Mars Cafe, which was the first time all 7 of the authors were able to be in the same room at the same time. Needless to say the conversation and the future of DMINB is so bright we cannot contain our excitement. Regretfully, we forgot to get a team picture, which we really wanted for this post – so you’ll have to forgive us for the lack of imagery. That being said, we are excited to announce the addition of Kiley Stenberg and Norah Carroll to the DMINB team.

Kiley Stenberg is a Des Moines native.  After attending college in the Twin Cities and following jobs to Los Angeles and Cincinnati, she returned to her hometown.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling, running, cooking, shopping, and working on her blog, A Sequin Dress at Breakfast.  Kiley loves taking advantage of the great events and restaurants Des Moines has to offer, and thinks Des Moines is a hidden gem of the Midwest.

Norah Carroll is a Des Moines transplant and a social media strategist with Lava Row, a social media consulting, strategy and education firm located in downtown Des Moines. Although she was initially set against attending college in a state that started with the letter “I”—they all seemed so boring!—she fell in love with Des Moines during her years at Drake Universityand is proud to be starting her career in Iowa.

Norah blogged this summer with CarpeDM, which was collaboration with a few other Drake Seniors during their last summers in college. That collaboration, and the awesomeness of our city, have inspired Norah to continue writing about her experiences living and working in Downtown Des Moines. Kiley will  bring a fashion focus to our blog adding her thoughts on the immense fashion industry in Des Moines, an industry that is often not taken seriously by our cities visitors.

We are very excited to start posting content from Kiley and Norah in the weeks to come and to formally welcome them to the team. We can’t wait to also showcase another change to our blog, when our website redesign is completed. You can read about all our authors on our Authors page.

Welcome Kiley and Norah!

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