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Let’s All Hop on the End the Wrld Bandwagon

Phil Young is one of the hardest working men in music. I’d put a qualifier and say Iowa music, but I think it would be tough to match his output regardless of location. Young plays in Satellite State, Annalibera, The Wheelers and Tires, and that’s probably not the end of the list. He has produced and recorded many of the best Iowa albums of the last few years and also does sound for shows at Vaudeville Mews. So, yeah, I think it would be hard to top his effort, regardless of scene. However, it is his unsung project, End the Wrld, that might be his greatest piece of art.

end-the-wrldEnd the Wrld has been a work in progress for some time. Young first fooled around with beats as End the Wrld as early as 2007. The first full length track, “5 to 9”, was released last year featuring Anna Gebhart (the Anna of Annalibera) and I immediately fell in love. It is this unabashed 70’s disco track, but souped-up in a way that also makes it feel like it is from the future. Anna’s voice is such a power on its own, but it somehow gets blended in with this whirlwind of beats and synths that sort of makes me want to pour glitter on myself and spin around until I get too dizzy to stand.

A couple weeks ago, another track, “Otherwise”, was released, this time with Anna and Dustin from White Flashes. While not a complete 180 from “5 to 9”, it is much more of a chill, beautiful dream-pop track. The two voices play and dance with each other and the music in such a beautiful way that it can soothe any sort of calamity. It’s like End the Wrld created the sickness with “5 to 9” and the cure with “Otherwise”.

Last week, End the Wrld had their first live performance and I didn’t get to go because life is cruel and unfair. Hopefully, you went, because it meant you got to experience history. But if you didn’t, now is the time to hop on the bandwagon. Maybe if enough of us are on board, we will get the track with Adrien Daller released, and maybe more will come out and then suddenly we will have been on the ground-floor to something huge. Whether or not this becomes the thing people know Young for, or he decides to abandon it altogether for one of his other projects, at least listen to what’s available now and hopefully understand how special this really is.


Try Not to Miss Shows – 4/24 -4/30


The Grahams w/ Jacey, Not By Blood and The Blackbird Circus – Vaudeville Mews – 4/24 5pm

The Grahams are a husband-wife duo that makes beautiful, old-timey roots music. Also, be sure to get there early enough to catch Jacey. I have only heard a little of her music, but what I have heard is terrific.

The Envy Corps w/ MAIDS – M-Shop – 4/25 9pm

The Envy Corps are great. MAIDS are great. Plus, this event celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of Iowa best venues, the M-Shop in Ames. Plus, I caught MAIDS at GDP and Luke Pettipoole of the Envy Corps played with them, and it was awesome. So, hopefully more of that happens.

Tele Novella w/Canby and Ramona Muse – Vaudeville Mews – 4/26 10pm

Tele Novella are an act that are about to break out in a big way. Their music mixes a lot of cool sounds and sounds like a 60’s pop act mixed with modern style.

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