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Des Moines Women in Tech

If you are a techie, you would know that last week and a half was a crazy whirlwind of tech events for #DSMTECHWEEK . There were fabulous events including but not limited to conferences, speaking events,  #Riseoftherest pitches and wins by Des Moines local StartUp like our very own Bawte (congrats again btw) and StartUp Weekend.

What you may or may not know however, is how few women there were at these events (which Bawte’s #RiseoftheRest pitch was pitched by the wife btw). It is not that there aren’t Des Moines women in tech, in fact there was even a Technology event specifically  for women called Technologistas. If you are interested in finding out more about this group, Sondra Ashmore and Ini Augstine run this fabulous event and I am sure would love to discuss it with your further!


There are many Women in Tech here in Des Moines that you may not even be aware are pivotal. For instance:

Lindsay Clark is a  female Entrepreneur  and a  Co-Founder of Bloomsnap.  Bloomsnap is a startup that makes ordering flowers online quick and easy. She has amazing technical knowledge and User Experience skills as well as many skills I have yet to learn about. On top of this amazing feat, she also was a helpmake to the co-working space for Gravite.

If you haven’t heard of Women of Innovation, then you are missing out. Women of Innovation is an award for women in technology. This year, 45 finalists were chosen and the winner in the youth and collegiate innovator categories will receive a $2,500 scholarship. Women of Innovation gives us the annual opportunity to honor accomplishments of the women of Iowa.

I feel that Des Moines is starting to rise up to see that women are interested in technology and coding and being apart of the tech world.  However, I do personally feel that Des Moines still has a way to go.  But so does the United States. However, with that being said, at least it is “starting” to happen.

If you hadn’t heard there were a few “code camps” recently with Yahoo and Sqaure and Twitter

Twitter Code Camp

“Boys get Legos for Christmas. Girls get Barbies and get interested in fashion design, while boys get interested in building and creating new things,” she says.

What I find funny about me is that here I am trying to build a Fashion Technology business so I am trying to marry BOTH of those worlds.

Square Code Camp (They have on for High School and College Age)

An eight-month program designed to teach local San Francisco high school girls computer science, led by Square engineers.

The reason why I wrote this article was to share to Des Moines and the Internet world, that there ARE other Women in Techies out there. You don’t have to be JUST one or the other, Fashion or Tech.

As I said, I am building (or trying to) marry both of those worlds together and many others are trying to as well and some have done so successfully. Think of Threadless, Spoonflower, Craftsy, etc.

You are welcome to do one or the other, but you don’t have to. I also wanted to alert others to the fact that we need to support the women in tech that are there. We are a select few. The organizers and planner who are supporting these events need to help encourage and support us and do things to encourage expansion. At start up weekend I was one of two women in tech. The other gal got sick and had to leave which then left me as the ONLY one.  Yes you heard me. One techie female in a room of 24 other tech males.

At the Iowa Conference, there were a few other women in room, which I was thankful for, but sadly still, the numbers were small.

I shout out and say to Des Moines and America if you are listening, what can we do about this? How can we raise up other females in this industry? How can we make it a safe place for them? How we let them know that they will be accepted and acknowledged and heard?

I say THAT, because at Startup Weekend, I feel that I was not. I am not complaining or griping. I am solely stating the facts and trying to make a point.  In the end I had a great time. Because the other thing StartUp weekend lacked was designers, and sadly we need more of them too. and I was able to help out with other teams in that field at least and I ended up feeling very useful and had tons of fun!

Women in Tech, are rising up, however we are rising up in a man’s world, a man’s industry. It has been and it still is. We are trying to push our way through the doors of an industry of the “Good Ole Boys”

But, you know what boys…Women in Tech are here now…and we are here to stay!!

So move over Bacon…it’s time for Sizzlelean!!


Until  Next Time … XoXo~TrishaTrixie

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