Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Ultimate Dinosaurs in Des Moines

The second Friday of the month showcases $5.00 Family Night at Science Center of Iowa. There are workshops for members, if you sign up in advance. They sell out quickly! You can also see a $5.00 IMAX film (Flying Monsters opened Friday night), or enjoy a $5.00 burger basket from the Food Chain Cafe. It is ideal for Science Center members, families on a budget, or for those who cannot attend during the day, as the event is after regular business hours.

20141009_140005This past Friday, Ultimate Dinosaurs, a new exhibit, had its grand opening featuring 13 unique dinosaurs from Madagascar, South America and Africa at the Des Moines Science Center of Iowa. Many are like anything most people have seen before. The exhibit offers touch screens, augmented reality, videos, games and a lot of great information in English, French and Braille.

If you are looking for something educational, engaging and unique, this exhibit offers it all. Ultimate Dinosaurs is included in the general admission price and can be experienced Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm. The exhibit will be open until April.