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La Mie Express: The Same Tasty, Fresh Flavors

20141203_130046La Mie Express opened downtown in Hotshots old spot yesterday. I stopped by for a chicken salad sandwich and some cauliflower soup! My gluten-free friend enjoyed an ‘express’ cob salad and a GF powerbar.

Overall I was impressed with the space and selection. They had a 2 soups, 6 salads, 7 sandwiches and 3 quiche options as well as an impressive selection of pastries and sweets! The selections and packaging are designed to be grab-and-go lunches. My friend loved the pick-your-own (and amount) dressing containers. My only grievance was dry bread edges from sitting partially unwrapped for display.  Other than that, it was the same tasty, fresh flavors at great prices! My sandwich was $5 with $1.95 for additional soup/salad or fresh fruit. The salads were around $7 and came with a breadstick! They also had some impressive looking coffee and tea offerings.


Here’s some photos of the new place!


20141203_122952 20141203_12315620141203_122700

20141203_12270620141203_123656  20141203_122711