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Des Moines, it’s Time to Celebrate the Little Things

After my mother’s cancer diagnosis, she was given a book titled Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff.  The premise behind the book was that we should spend more of our time appreciating the blessings in our lives rather than worrying about the insignificant annoyances.  My mom did a pretty good job following the advice this book offered.  I, unfortunately, did not and still do not.  I sweat the smallest of stuff and have a tendency to make everything bigger than it is.

That is why an upcoming benefit coming to Des Moines this February is such a great opportunity for me to put my most recent laundry or grocery shopping-related “crisis” into perspective and take a moment to celebrate “the little things”.  On February 7 at Big City Burgers and Greens, my good friend Melissa is hosting A Cancer Warrior’s Benefit – Celebrating the Little Things.  You see, Melissa turned 40 this past year.  At the time, two of her good friends were quite a bit pregnant and not up for a party with drinks and dancing.  So instead of one big party, Melissa decided to have 40 small celebrations throughout her 40th year, culminating in one final party at the end (when her friends were no longer pregnant…thanks for that Melissa).

pancreatic_cancer_bandAnd then she got devastating news.  A dear friend from high school and college had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Her friend is a wife and a mother of two and she is facing a significant battle.  Melissa decided to turn her own 40th celebration of the year into a benefit for this friend.  All proceeds raised from the benefit will support her friends’ fight against cancer.  Tickets for the event are $25 and are available via Tikly.

(Can I mention that I love the fact that I got to use Tikly, a local company, to purchase my tickets and I got to pay for my tickets using my Dwolla account (another local company) that I fund doing research for Bawte (a third local company?))  I guess I just did.

Guests will be treated to food and keg beer.  A cash bar will also be available.  Additional funds will be raised via raffle tickets being sold that evening.  And there will be a DJ and there will be dancing…yes there will be dancing!  Rumor has it, an after-party is being planned as well.  I will make sure the sitter is planning on staying late!

So it is time to celebrate! People of Des Moines, I encourage you all to join me and celebrate the little things in life that we have to be grateful for, both big and small.  Help me put into appropriate perspective the “small stuff” that can seem so big at times.  Gather together with friends and family and enjoy an evening out while raising money for an excellent cause.  You don’t have to know Melissa; you don’t have to know her friend.  You don’t have to be personally impacted by pancreatic cancer.  You just have to take a moment out of your busy life and decide to celebrate it.  And in turn, you can do a good deed for a woman and a family in need.  Hope to see you there!