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Brunching in Des Moines

Brunch. The best meal of the day. There’s something about bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, omelets, pastries and all things breakfast food that is fantastic. Add in a mimosa or bloody Mary and you’ve got yourself a party, or at least an excuse to drink before noon.

This past weekend, I decided to celebrate my birthday with my family by going out to brunch. This was my second visit to the Iowa Machine Shed. The first time I went, I ordered off the menu, and this second time, we visited the breakfast buffet.


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The single best thing, hands down, were the waffles. Light and fluffy and oozing with maple goodness, they melted in your mouth. The buffet also included an assortment of pastries, cinnamon roll bread pudding, and your typical fixings of bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and a couple different types of breakfast potatoes. Naturally, I had to sample just about everything, including the omelet station. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the buffet, but next time I visit I will likely order off the menu again. I found a few items underwhelming (the eggs and omelets were way too greasy), but there is enough there I like (hello, bacon and waffles) that I would go back again. I still have yet to try their famous cinnamon rolls that are the size of your head.

Next time I am in the mood for a brunch buffet, I will likely return to Americana, which is more spendy but totally worth it. They have so much variety, and the quality of their food is fantastic. However, returning with my 16-month -old in tow might be a challenge, as the restaurant isn’t as family friendly as the Machine Shed. I might just have to frequent more places that serve brunch in town to find the best one for my family.

What is your favorite place to have brunch in Des Moines? Do you have any recommendations for me and my family to try?