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I Completely Lost it to Nostromo

Nostromo broke me. Just straight up broke me. I saw them live a month or so ago, and I was just astonished. Not only is it tough for me to be surprised in this town anymore, but I just don’t take as much pleasure from heavier music as I once did. But there I was, three inches from the speaker, my toes touching the stage and just giggling like a fool. I was still pretty sober at this point in the evening, so it’s not like I can blame the Exile beer I had been drinking. But in the middle of one of Kaylee Lewis’ guitar solos (and I say one of because there are many; might have been from “Mallard”, might’ve been from “Carbide Heart” or it might’ve all just been a beautiful dream) I literally fell apart. I just watched as she shredded, her fingers moving at this completely ridiculous speed and her tongue sneaking out of the side of her mouth and I just stopped becoming a functioning human. It was a delirium. A high you can only get from realizing your world had just changed. So I just started laughing, because what else was I supposed to do?

10957005_463508697144879_7508160998004685789_nNostromo is a three piece rock band and they’re so good they do all the things the PMRC warned us about back in the 80’s just by playing music; nothing rude, nothing suggestive, just loud, mean, life-altering stuff. They ruined my normal brain functions. Their rock and roll turned me into a drooling dunce and all I could do was giggle and swear and hate authority. I mean I just kind of want to write the F word over and over again on a Trapper Keeper, take a picture and call it a review. If they told me to worship Satan, I might have considered it despite what Tipper Gore thinks. 

I normally shy away from really going all in on heavier acts on this site, mainly because of who we cater to as a blog and mainly because for a heavier act to really speak to me anymore, they have to be super special. But I can’t keep Nostromo to myself. I mean, I’m pretty sure Metallica is one of the biggest selling acts of all time and people love the hell out of Ozzy Osborne, so there’s got to be more who want to hear this and should stop pigeonholing our readership.

Here is what is so special about Nostromo. They are a rock band. You could call them a metal band. There is some doom there. A little prog. But overall they’re just really good at making music. That seems to trump hang-ups on genres and such; at least it does for me. Vocally, Lewis isn’t exactly an American Idol style vocalist, but who would want that with the type of music they play? I pretty much just want someone to shout at me when they play guitar this terrifyingly well. But she isn’t a death metal growler either. I put her in the same vein as Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth or (for a local nod) Love Songs For Lonely Monsters’ Amy Badger. The rhythm section is more than capable, as well, as William Tarbox (formerly of Why Make Clocks) and Dave (whose last name I will be damned if I could ascertain) on bass keeping up admirably with Lewis’ fire.

Nostromo released their first full length album earlier this year and you should buy it and listen to it. They play concerts and you should go to them. You should tell all of your friends about them and get them to do those things, too. Just, get on board now and lets all wander around like drooling, grinning idiots together.

Try Not To Miss Shows – 4/30 – 5/6

The State of Our Musical Union – Des Moines Social Club – 4/30 6pm

Want to hear what some of our current scene think about things, want to hear new ideas or share new ideas or do you just want to hear fascinating people talk about music? Go to this. Stick around afterwards for River Monks, Buffalo Rodeo, Black Pills (the new project from Diamonds for Eyes and Instants’ Josh and Kristen Putney) sand LS4LM.

Sick of Sarah w/ The Spartan Blue and George Morris – Vaudeville Mews – 5/1 10pm

Sick of Sarah are one of those random bands that I remember seeing years ago that has just stuck with me. Their name and reputation has only grown since I saw them years ago. This one will be a good time.

Andrew WK w/ Quick Piss and Ramona and the Slim Dudes – Vaudeville Mews – 5/2 5pm

I am required by law to mention how big of a party this will be. I think it is in the constitution. Because it will be the biggest and best party.

Monday Mourners w/Eric Kennedy and Clarence Tilton – Gas Lamp – 5/2 9pm

This is the album release for the Monday Mourners and I can attest that it is real, real good. Go to this and buy the album.

Sinkholes w/PG Cop, Men in Lead Masks, Person Whale and Nostromo – Vaudeville Mews – 5/6 5pm (21+)

Hey, look. It’s Nostromo. And a bunch of other cool bands, too. But, you know, Nostromo. Go to this. Experience this. You have to.