Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

7 Things to Brag About Des Moines

I was hesitant about moving to Des Moines. I was offered a job and had one question to answer: “Is Des Moines better than my current town?” The answer was yes. So I took the job with the plan to spend 2-3 years here. I’ve now lived in the metro for 5.5 years and have no plans of moving. Many things have sold me on Des Moines including affordable living, low crime rate, short commutes and a small town vibe with big city things like amazing restaurants, theater and sports. With that said, here are seven things I like to brag about Des Moines to people who don’t live here.

Free Entertainment

Top7I love just about anything that’s free or almost free. The metro is full of fun things to do that don’t cost a dime – the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market, Jazz in July concerts and outdoor movies to name a few. Plus, there are random festivals on summer weekends.


When I first moved to Des Moines, I was blown away by how active everyone was. It seemed like each person I met was a marathoner or avid cyclist. It’s easy to see why though – there are so many rides, runs and races to participate in. Whether just for fun – like the Tour de Cluck or for serious – like the Iowa Games sprint triathlon, if someone isn’t active, it’s for lack of interest not lack of options.


The awesome thing about the trail system in Des Moines is that it winds through the city before hitting the open fields. You can hop on and off at spots all around town. There are still trails I haven’t explored – and that’s OK. It’s proof there are endless opportunities to take the path less travelled.


As we all know, craft breweries are the new thing. So it’s a good thing Des Moines has several to quench the thirst of natives, newcomers and visitors. Exile’s Hannah is on the top of my list while my husband can’t get enough of Confluence – and loves that Hy-Vee sells growlers of it.


From semi-pro games to rec leagues, there is some great athletic action going on in the metro. You doesn’t love an Iowa Cubs game or taking on a beer-buzzed volleyball team at The Sands?


You hear it a lot – and it’s true – the Midwest has the nicest people. Des Moines is the example, not the exception, to this saying. Haven’t you seen the Iowa Nice video?


Out of towners may not believe it – but we really do have some amazing sushi restaurants in the metro. Some of my faves are Wasabi Chi, Cool Basil and Sakura.