Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

My Top 7 Things I Love About Des Moines…Since 2013

I didn’t live in Des Moines when this blog started, so as part of the birthday celebration I can only go back as far s 2013. But, here are my Top 7 things I love about Des Moines since then:

1.     The People

When I moved to Des Moines in early 2013 I didn’t know a soul in the city aside from my sister-inlaw’s family. I was so worried that it would be difficult to make friends and find my niche. To my pleasant surprise, I’ve found everyone that I’ve met here to be friendly and welcoming and I feel lucky to say that I’ve now made some wonderful friends. Des Moines definitely has some of the friendliest people in the country. 


Des Moines Art Center

2.     The Des Moines Art Center 

The Des Moines Art Center has one of the most impressive collections of art that I’ve ever seen at any museum and they consistently have incredible exhibitions. It always makes me sad when I meet someone that’s never visited the Des Moines Art Center. It’s free to visit and it’s open six days a week. If you’ve never visited do yourself a favor and check it out.

 3.   Tamale’s Industry  

Believe it or not the best tacos in Des Moines can be found at the Merle Hay Mall food court. Their tamales are outstanding too. This is the best authentic Mexican food that I’ve found in Des Moines and it’s always flavorful and the salsa is delicious and delightfully spicy. 

4.    The bike trails

I fell in love with Des Moines when I first rode the bike trails in and around the city in early spring. They’re so beautiful and well-maintained and there are always new trails and routes to discover.

5. Ichi Bike

Ichi Bike is the coolest bike store in the world. The owner Dan Koenig makes custom-built bikes that will blow your mind. Dan truly gives old bikes new life and uses ape hanger bars, rad banana seats make out of used skateboards, and fun color combinations to build stunning custom-built bikes. My Ichi bike is my prized possession. We are so lucky to have a bike store as amazing as Ichi bike right here in Des Moines.

6. The Fleur Cinema and Varsity Theatre

I love to go to the movies and The Fleur and Varsity both show critically acclaimed independent films that you won’t find screenings of at any other theatres in Des Moines. The Fleur serves alcohol which is a plus. Varsity has the best popcorn in the city and the theatre itself (which opened in 1938) is beautiful.

7. Snookies Malt Shop       

I’m officially a Snookies addict. I’m there at least once a week and when I was pregnant it was more like three times a week. I always order a peanut butter malt with extra malt and M&Ms. I even mark the changing of the seasons by Snookies opening and closing.