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Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

My Top 7 Things I Love About Des Moines

After 8 years of living in Des Moines, it seems only fitting that I take the time to reflect on things I love about Des Moines. There have been so many of the changes in the last 7 years, it is really not hard to find 7 things. I wrote for Des Moines is NOT Boring for nearly all of these 7 years we’re reflecting on as part of the birthday celebration, yet it amazing to me how much I’ve grown right along with the city I’ve chosen to live in. Cheers to Des Moines and Des Moines is NOT Boring on a wonderful 7th birthday!

With that, here are my Top 7 things I love about Des Moines during the last 7 years:

dm-startup1) People: It all starts with the friends and everyone around this town who are never short on character or class.

2) Startup Hubs: We’ve got Gravitate to stay productive, places like Mars Cafe for coffee meet-ups and regular events such as 1 Million Cups to  showcase who’s building.  Add to it more monthly events such as Startup Drinks or TechBrew, which have become easy ways to keep updated on what’s going on.

3) Bars: I can make a long list, however let’s say many will link back to Full Court Press.

4) Transparency: I’ve seen first hand how our community has grown while using input from committees, volunteers and group discussions. Another element is the accessibility to top leaders.  A lot gets done over coffee and lunches in this town (I mean that in a good way!) and it’s hard not to know what’s happening if you’re paying attention.

5) Culture: The growth of the overall arts scene in Des Moines is becoming more visible each day.  Now we’ve seen programming at the Des Moines Social Club expand while the 80/35 Festival has become one of the nation’s top music destinations. I’m a huge fan of the music venues I can walk into not knowing what band is playing that night and catch a great show (i.e. Gas Lamp, Vaudeville Mews, Wooly’s).

6) Getting Away: As an outdoorsman, it drives me crazy visiting other cities where it takes an hour + to get out of the city & sprawling suburbs.  The quick transition from urban life to the countryside when needed is a huge bonus for me.

7) Brew: We have it good thanks to our fine selection including Peace Tree, Olde Maine, CABCO, Firetrucker and Confluence.

Special thanks to Pete Jones for implementing the vision for DMINB.  His dedication and passion behind this will always be appreciated.