Seven Reasons I Love Des Moines

Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Seven Reasons I Love Des Moines

I have had the privilege of writing for Des Moines is Not Boring for nearly two years. As part of the 7th year birthday celebration I’ve reviewed some of my posts over these last two years, and I realize that the things I love most about Des Moines fall into seven reasons I love Des Moines.

farmers-marketFood. Des Moines has some tremendous food options. In my blogs, I have written about the restaurants I love, as well as the restaurants I want to love. I have shared with you my affection for Hy-Vee and my devotion to the Farmer’s Market. It will be interesting in the coming years to see how those two entities will be able to co-exist downtown, won’t it? Des Moines certainly is not hurting for options when it comes to food!

Beer. I would say at least 40% of my blogs have included at least some reference to beer. Probably more. In the last several years, the beer-drinking options in Des Moines have exploded and I am grateful to have been able to participate in this explosion by enjoying as much of the beer as was possible. Even a nine month vacation from beer drinking didn’t stop me from writing about the fabulous breweries in town (CABCo, Confluence, 515…) as well as other beer-drinking opportunities (Iowa Craft Beer Festival, Iowa Craft Beer Tent) we in Des Moines are so lucky to enjoy.

Culture. So many festivals, so little time! Des Moines offers food festivals, wine festivals, beer festivals, art festivals, music festivals, festivals celebrating practically every ethnicity and background. Festivals that celebrate pride, celebrate achievements and celebrate progress. Almost every weekend in Des Moines there will be at least one festival celebrating something, and oftentimes there are more than one. Attending Des Moines’ festivals, you can travel the globe without ever leaving the state.

Exercise. With as much as I love Des Moines’ food and beer and festivals (which usually involve food and beer), I need to balance my intake with a little exercise. And Des Moines offers plenty of options. My personal preferences, as my blog has suggested, include running (Dam to Dam especially), weights at the gym, and Zumba. But there are so many more options available to stay active in Des Moines: an ever-growing bike trail system, several high intensity, interval training programs, personal training programs, yoga, water sports and even hula hooping classes! Sure, we can eat a lot in Des Moines. But we can also work it off in any number of ways.

Slime Workshops. My children and I to some degree have always enjoyed playing with slime or creating it to some degree. There are so many easy slime recipes that one could go crazy trying to make them. Sometimes it is just easier to just open the laptop and buy slime online instead of making a mess.

Shopping. I love shopping local and supporting local vendors and local merchants. Des Moines has a number of cool shopping areas that feature unique shops and one-of-a-kind products. The East Village and Valley Junction both fall into this category. I love any opportunity to check out what’s new in these areas. Add to that easy access to multiple “big box” retail shopping centers and Des Moines makes getting what you need easy and fun. Over the last two years I have featured several favorite shopping options in Des Moines and I look forward to seeing what else is on the horizon.

Charity. Des Moines is a charitable city and our generosity can be seen practically every weekend in events all across the city. There are charity runs, charity bike rides and charity Zumbathons. There are galas, silent auctions and concerts raising money for diseases, poverty and education. Sure, you can always whip out your checkbook to donate money. But Des Moines has so many opportunities to make giving fun.

People. With everything that Des Moines has to offer, none of it would be worth if not for the great people who are along for this ride with me. My closest family lives 10 minutes away. My best friends are always up for a race, a beer or a shopping excursion. Having the people I love so close to enjoy all the fun in Des Moines is truly the best part.