Proving Des Moines is NOT boring

Top 7 Things I Miss About Des Moines

For those who don’t know have moved out of Des Moines, the city for NINE YEARS I called home! Now we are in Colorado, in a new adventure and new life, but wanted to share one last post with you about what I miss about Des Moines…

zombie-burgerDes Moines Women’s Club – I really miss those ladies. If you don’t know about the DMWC, then go check it out. Such a fabulous group of women in all age varieties. Fun events, great chances to serve, and more importantly, something that isn’t going anywhere!

Zombie Burger – I know, it’s cliché, but I know George Formaro, Sheila and Rachel and know how hard they have worked to have a presence in Des Moines. They did a GOOD job with this one! I think since the day they opened, lines and lines of people. It’s one of those “Must See, Must Eat” places you always hear about when you travel.

Des Moines Start-up & Entrepreneur Events – Des Moines is a fabulous city for this. I got my start in Des Moines and I know I would not be on this new quest in my life if it were not for DSM, Venture School from University of Iowa and I Million Cups, Startup Drinks, Startup Weekend, and more !

The Des Moines Art Scene – Oddly enough, DSM has an amazing Art Scene and fabulous Art events to attend. From Galas, to magazine unveiling, Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Salisbury House, Des Moines Art Center, and now the Des Moines Social Club.

The Ingersoll Dinner Theater – Sadly, it is no longer open and closed it’s doors years ago. I hope to one day see it restored into a Dinner Club or Lunge Club again. Des Moines has fabulous old school lounge singers like Max Wellman, Tina Findlay, and more who could pack that place not to mention theater performances that would re revived again! Many don’t know this, but I once performed there. I was in a Christmas Play called The Year Santa Stole Christmas. I was an elf. There is even a picture of me standing or sitting with Santa. Good times!

Val Air Ballroom – The Val Air had some amazing dances way back when before I was born, but wish I was. In fact, I miss all those dance places that had ballroom, Swing and fancy dancing.

Of course I miss my friends. From all over. DMWC, Former Jaycee friends, my LGBTQ friends and allies, my Board Game friends, my former Interns, Assistants and Co workers for my company and of course, those closest and dearest friends to me.

I am sure there is more, but these are my top “7”! Thank you to Des Moines is Not Boring for allowing me the opportunity to write, grow and learn from other authors and this fabulous community! Can’t wait to see Des Moines on visits back “home”! Thank you to Pete Jones for starting this great site! This site is “proof positive” that Des Moines is NOT Boring!