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My name is Pete Jones, I am just your average “Joe” with a passion for Des Moines. As I said on our About page, I believe Des Moines is not Boring and I am out to prove it. I am active in fitness, civic, community, and cultural aspects of this great city and I plan to bring all of those unique items to your attention. I am ecstatic to bring you a very diverse group of authors who are all equally as passionate about Des Moines as I am.

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Shawn Harrington


ShawnHarrington_2Shawn made his way to Des Moines as an outgoing kid from Buffalo, NY. He relocated to the midwest in 2007 after studying Business Management at the State University of New York at Brockport.  Shawn’s community involvement includes board positions for both the Des Moines Social Club and the Downtown Chamber of Commerce.  Past involvement has included leading YPCs Impact Downtown Committee.  From 2010-2012, he stepped in as a co-founder to initiate the international launch of local startup eDossea.  He now serves as Iowa’s Business Development Specialist for Multivista while also growing his new startup Bloomsnap, which launched service in 2014 as an easy method for ordering flowers online. Find him on twitter @Shawnpatrickh.

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Dave Murphy 


Dave Murphy is a lifelong resident of Central Iowa. He graduated from Indianola High School and attended Iowa State University and DMACC. A former part time freelance writer, Dave worked as a professional wrestling blogger and has written articles for various pop culture sites. He currently volunteers with the Des Moines Social Club and works full time at Sports Authority in West Des Moines. He is married with a young daughter named after a Pogues song.


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Rachel Formaro  

Rachel has worked in marketing communications and advertising for the past 15 years. She started out working with advertising agencies in Toronto, Canada and then founded her own agency. For the last several years Rachel has been developing communications for a large financial services company. In addition to her day-job, she also writes. Some of her creative writing and poetry has been published by small journals, and she writes regular blog contributions on a variety of subjects, including books, cooking, and life as a newcomer to the Midwest. Rachel is long-time yoga practitioner who is currently pursuing teacher training, and she is also studying Vastu and Feng Shui. Rachel, her husband, Tom, and their daughter recently relocated from San Francisco,California to Des Moines, Iowa.


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Annick Sjobakken    

This is actually a painting of Annick done by her husband, Scott Sjobakken. Click image to see more of Scott's work

This is actually a painting of Annick done by her husband, Scott Sjobakken. Click image to see more of Scott’s work


Annick Sjobakken is a Brooklyn transplant who likes long bike rides, loud music, and taking photos. Follow Annick on Twitter @annickmarie and Instagram @annickmarie.  Also follow her personal blog Bushwick to Beaverdale.



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 Mary Jackovin-Bates 


Transplanted from Illinois, Mary Jackovin-Bates moved to Iowa at the age of 15, pretty confident that she was entering the land of corn and pigs, bib overalls and tractors. Many years later, Mary has come to realize that there is much more to Iowa than just its agricultural stereotypes.  Now married and raising two daughters in Urbandale, Mary enjoys exploring Des Moines and all that it has to offer.  Her interests include drinking Iowa Craft Beer, watching the Hawkeyes, attending festivals and visiting the Des Moines Farmer’s Market.  The only thing she would change about Iowa is its cold and snowy winters. You can reach Mary at @MCathJack or Facebook.


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 Jessie Leonard

Jessie @ 4th Street Elevator

Jessie Leonard has lived in Central Iowa her whole life and chose to make Des Moines the central hub of her future travels after buying a home on the East Side.  She enjoys discovering new books with her book club, watching movies, binge-watching TV shows, and cuddling with her cat, Oswin.  As a recent college graduate with two jobs, Jessie looks forward to exploring new hobbies and seeing what else Des Moines has to offer.  You can follow her on Twitter @JessieLeonard.

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 Stephanie Hall 

BlogPhoto2Stephanie Hall is a DSM native and burgeoning foodie. She enjoys walking her dog, mastering culinary dishes in small galley kitchen, trying every flavor of Ben & Jerrys and discovering Des Moines with friends.

She’ll be reviving the Why Not Eat at a Chain Wednesday and covering other food news. Email me if you know of a food event, new restaurant or noteworthy foodie trend in Des Moines you’d like to see covered. You can follow her on Twitter @Stephaniehall89.

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Jessica Wardenburg   



Jessica Wardenburg was born in Creston, Iowa but got lost in Illinois and Missouri for 18 years. She found her way to Des Moines in 2010 as a local TV reporter and fell in love with our great city. Jessica now works in public relations at Two Rivers Marketing, is married to a pretty amazing guy and just bought her first home in West Des Moines. Look for blogs from her on her new experiences, free (or super affordable) goings-on and ways to get involved in the community.

You can follow her on Twitter @TheJessicaTimes and her personal blog My First Time.



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